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Online Education


Welcome to BCABVI’s online educational presentations.   All our online presentations are designed to increase public awareness about topics related to blindness and visual impairment.  We strongly encourage people with visual impairments, their friends, families, professionals and the public to review the available presentations at their convenience in an environment that facilitates learning.


A few items that are important before you get started:

1) All presentations are created in Microsoft Power Point 2007.  If you do not have Power Point or have an older version of the program, you may not be able to view them.

2) To advance slides or captions during the presentation, left click on your mouse or use your touchpad.

3) If you would like a copy of the presentation, please send an email request to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or call us at (215) 968-9400

The educational presentations currently available to be viewed online include:

Sighted Guide Techniques
15 Tips for Family and Friends of Low Vision Patients
Overview of Low Vision Examinations

Please click on the above link to start your presentation of choice.  Thank you!


NB: Please note that all presentations are done with PowerPoint. If you do not have PowerPoint please click here to download PowerPoint Viewer.

Last Updated on 23 May 2016